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  1. Junris 1 year ago

    i wanna lick all your pussy

  2. Shakarn 1 year ago

    Well hello guys im back in Indiana i will return to Sweden in early August

  3. Nir
    Nir 1 year ago

    Excellent comment. Great Star Trek reference!

  4. Gabar 1 year ago

    NO no no .....bigger ain't better. In porn, ok. In real life, unless you have plopped out a dozen little angels out of your coooter and can't feel a thing down there, bigger ain't better. It's painful. Men: do you like a little lady finger put up your poop chute on occasion? Would you like her whole hand up your poop chute? ... Who is that female comedian who had a date with a guy and he whipped out something the size of a whole salami, and she said - uh, no - it would be like trying to stuff a turkey into a space the size of a toilet paper tube.

  5. Fenrizil
    Fenrizil 1 year ago

    hi i love you

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